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Drop national testing and cut school bureaucracy.

by davidmay on 3 March, 2017

I back Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie comments when at Holyrood this week he has asked Ms Sturgeon to “think again” about “national testing” and school league tables.

It is clear to me as a former headteacher that national testing \ standardised testing \ league tables is a throw back to a failed Tory policy in Scotland. Furthermore, why move towards a centralised system of education when it has clearly failed in areas such as policing.

The fall in attainment under the SNP is to some extent due to the fact that education budgets in our schools have been cut and cut again,  and this year the fact that council budgets have  been again hit due to Scottish Government policy is a major cause. Furthermore, increased bureaucracy and form filling for our teachers under the SNP has not been cut despite repeated promises from education ministers is without doubt a reason some teachers retire early and others leave teaching altogether.

Lastly the fact that there is a shortage of teachers both in primary and also subject teachers in secondary, is a considerable problem and this is critical for some schools and also pupil attainment.

In summary national testing and a move towards centralisation in education should be ditched, and the First Minister  needs to increase resources to schools, cut bureaucracy and ensure we have enough teachers.


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